Assigning conversion values to AdWords leads

A subscriber asked a great question about a recent video I published about tracking values in addition to actual conversions.



Great question Despina! You could certainly assign a zero value by changing the number from “1” to “0”.  However, the idea in the video was to assign different values for different types of leads.  For example, I might assign a value of $1 to people who opt-in for a newsletter, or sign up for some sort of contest. However someone who fills out an inquiry form asking to be contacted might have a much higher value (say $10, or even $100).

What value you assign depends on your estimate of what percentage of leads convert into sales.

For example, if you sell a $100 product/service, and half a percent of people who sign up for a contest, you can assign a value of $.50.  However, someone who fills out a contact form asking to be contacted about your product/service might buy 20% of the time – resulting in a $20 value per lead.

I hope that helps. Feel free to comment below with any other questions.

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