Google AdWords Performance Checklist

Are you wondering if your AdWords account is operating as effectively as possible? Whether you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on AdWords advertising, or just a few hundred dollars, there are several easy-to-check settings that could be costing you as much as 75 cents on the dollar if not being used properly.

Whether managing your own account, or doing an audit of how well your AdWords manager is doing, here is a checklist you can use to maximize profits.

  1. Are you wasting money due to daily budget limits? (Details)
  2. Are you tracking conversions? (Details)
    • Are you tracking all sales possible?
    • Are you tracking all leads possible?
    • Are you tracking all phone calls?
    • Are you tracking how much each conversion is worth?
  3. Are you advertising on the proper channels? (Details)
    • Google Search Network
    • Google Shopping Network
    • Google Search partners
    • Google Display Network
  4. Are you sending the right message for the right channels?
    • Interruption marketing
    • Search Marketing
  5. Are you advertising on the best devices?
  6. Are you advertising at the right times of day?
  7. Are you sending the right message based on the time of day?
  8. Are you sending the appropriate message for whether people are searching during work, after work, or on the weekends?
  9. Are you advertising in the right areas?
    • By country
    • By region
    • By time zone
    • Different message for local vs. non-local
  10. Are you advertising to the best demographic group?
    • By gender
    • By age
    • By income level
  11. Are you using sitelink extensions?
    • Are any of them costing you sales or leads?
    • Are any of them working well?
  12. Are you using call extensions?
  13. Are you running the right ads?
    • Are they being tagged with “limited”, “adult” or “non-family” status?
    • Are they lowering quality scores?
    • Is DKI actually getting you more sales, or just more tire-kickers?
  14. Are you delivering ads based on clickthrough rate instead of conversion rate?
  15. Are low quality scores throttling traffic on your keywords?
  16. Is Google’s “Broad Match” feature driving irrelevant traffic?
  17. Are you properly segmenting your data feed in Google’s shopping network?
  18. Are you mixing different match types in the same adgroups?
  19. Are you letting Google treat plural and singlular versions of your keywords in the same way?
  20. Are you mixing different match types in the same adgroups?
  21. Is your management company actually managing your account?

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