In a van down by the river

I’ve shared a lot of stories about how advertising has worked, but a lot of success comes from failure. I wouldn’t be sharing the whole truth if I didn’t share a few of those failures myself. (And I’ve got plenty!)

Ok, so I’ve never lived in a van down by the river but in 2009 I had to move from a 7000 square foot custom waterfront home into my parents’ basement after losing everything. Considering I was the sole income earner for my family of 4, emotionally – I may as well have been in a van down by the river.

4 years prior: It was 2005, real estate was going well. Really well… My company was 70 agents strong and we had sold over a billion dollars in homes. I was generating the majority of their sales from AdWords advertising & the phone rang off the hook.

I was 33 years old and had already doubled a financial goal I had set to hit in my 40’s. Although we could have paid off the house we were living in 10 times over and retire, we started building our dream home instead. It was in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Colorado.

You could fit about 4 of our old homes in our new one & man – did we have plans for that place… The front spiral staircase was designed with our daughter’s future prom pictures in mind, the back staircase was for our son’s prom. It had everything & was supposed to be the last house we’d ever buy.

Jason-FishWhen we moved in, a herd of over 70 elk greeted us right behind our house. My son caught his first fish in the pond behind our house. We threw the most amazing parties, & life was grand.

Fast forward to 2008. I had sold my company to RE/MAX – so monthly income shrunk. Our home’s value had dropped by nearly half. Our mortgage payment was way more than I was earning & since I had the brilliant idea of leaving our money in the stock market instead of paying cash for the home, things started looking ugly when both the real estate market AND stock market crashed. Really ugly.

moving-outLong story short: We were under water and we were screwed. Not long after spending the last of our life savings to get out of our house, “we” became “I” and I lost my marriage too.

I felt like those people who win the lottery and end up bankrupt 2 years later. I was demoralized and struggling – not knowing what to do.

Then, through some miracle, 3 key mentors stepped into my life. Between the 3 of them, I learned that my talents weren’t in selling homes. They were in finding high-paying customers with minimal advertising expenses.

Within a year of losing everything, I was better off than I ever had been before.

Is successful advertising was what miraculously saved me? No.
What saved me was being good at one thing, and knowing more about that one thing than 99% of the people who need my help.

STILL NEEDS WORK: The funny thing is, you don’t have to be better than 99% of people at what you do to make a good living. 50% or 60% will be just fine. If your expertise or the product you’re selling happens to be above the 60th percentile in your particular market, you owe it to your future customers to advertise from the highest mountains so they get to benefit from you vs falling to the mercy of the inferior product your competitors have.

Are you better at what you do than 75% of people who need your services? Are your products better than your competition?

If the answer is “yes” – hopefully you’re not only making a good living, but you’re also doing only the activities you like doing, and delegating the rest to bring in as much new business as possible.

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