The secret to more business with less money.

sales-graphLet’s have a pop quiz: You’ve got a $100 per day advertising budget & you have two choices:

  1. You can hire one advertiser who will get you ten leads an hour at $10 per lead.
  2. Or you can hire another advertiser who will only get you one lead per hour, but he charges $5 per lead.

Which option do you choose?

When you look at it that way, the choice seems obvious, right?

  • If you could spend $2400 per day, choice #1 would get 240 leads a day which would be AWESOME… But since you only have $100, you’d only get 10 leads a day & the other 230 leads would get sold to your competitor.
  • At $5 each, choice #2 would get you 20 leads per day for the same $100. (Twice as many leads as choice 1 for the same money.)

limitedbybudgetI see this happen all the time when I consult for AdWords advertisers because they have their daily budget set too low.  If you have a “Limited by Budget” red flag in your advertising campaign, you’re spending too much for your sales or leads. The solution is simple: Lower your bids & you’ll get more sales/leads for the same daily budget.  A week later, if that warning still shows up, lower bids again. You’ll get even more leads for the exact same daily budget.

Wash/Rinse/Repeat until that “Limited by budget” warning goes away & you’ll generate more daily revenue without spending a single dime more in advertising!



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