Recent Google Changes & How You Can Take Advantage of Them

Google just made a recent change for the better. After 5 years of forcing us to advertise on tablets, they’ve finally given us back the ability to separate computer traffic from tablet traffic (or opt-out of it entirely). Although this might not seem like a big deal, it’s huge.

Why is this subtle change so powerful? Quite simply, tablet traffic sucks.  Of all of the campaigns I’ve managed, I don’t recall a single one where tablet traffic wasn’t at least 20% more expensive per conversion than computer traffic. (Sometimes as much as 50% more expensive!)  By not being able to separate that traffic, you are losing out on more profitable computer traffic because of being forced to over-bid on tablet traffic.

The solution is a simple one: Bid differently for computer and tablet traffic. (And while you’re at it, adjust bids for mobile phone traffic too.)  In the example below, notice that tablet traffic is nearly 30% more expensive than computer traffic per conversion.  Imagine how much more profitable I’d be if I could get more leads that are only costing me $28, and eliminating the traffic that is costing me $36! Now that you’re finally able to separate tablets from computers, you can easily do that.






So how do you know how much you should adjust bids?  Again, it’s simple.

  1. Take a look at 3 to 6 months of conversions.
  2. Look for the “Segment” tab
  3. Segment by Device
  4. Scroll to the bottom of all campaigns & click on the “+” sign to see a breakdown of computers vs phones vs tablets.
  5. One thing is guaranteed: Computer traffic, mobile traffic, and tablet traffic will be different.  Depending on how different, you’ll know how to adjust accordingly. If your tablet traffic is 30% more expensive than computer traffic, simply go to your campaign settings and drop tablet bids by 20% or 30%, or pause that traffic entirely.

However, if you know me, you know I prefer to have more control than that… My personal preference for accounts I manage is to dedicate one campaign to computers (by reducing mobile & tablet bids by 100%), another to mobile devices (by dropping computer & tablet bids by 100%), and another to tablets (by dropping computer & mobile bids by 100%). That way, I can easily see at all times how each traffic type is performing, which makes bid management is a piece of cake.

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