Rub My Penny

What if I gave you a magic penny that doubled every day for a month if you polished it for 8 hours each day?  Would you put the work in to make that happen?

What if you could skip the 8 hours of work per day & just pay someone $5000? Would you do that?

If your answer is anything but “How soon can I get started?”, all I can think of is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: “Big mistake… HUGE!

When I tell people what I do, the most common response is something along the lines of “I tried AdWords once. Couldn’t make it work though.” 

The reason Adwords didn’t work is simple: They didn’t find the right formula to generate enough profit to justify the expense.  Why? Could be anything: Wrong keywords, wrong settings, wrong channels, wrong audience…

Once you find the right combination, however, there’s no holding you back. You hit a tipping point where there is no longer such thing as an advertising budget. You then want all the traffic you can possibly get.  Unfortunately, most people give up finding that “sweet spot” just before they would have hit the jackpot.

I had a limited budget mentality myself when I started advertising online in 1995. I cringed with every $500 charge that got put on my credit card (which was only once a month at the time.) However, as soon as I passed the tipping point, I couldn’t buy the traffic fast enough. I gladly added $15,000 to $20,000 to my annual advertising budgets for each and every agent I recruited. Not long after we passed the billion dollar mark in sales – I sold my company to RE/MAX.

 It’s kinda like the magical penny that will turn into over $5 million dollars if you double it every day for a month. ($10,737,418.24 if it’s a 31 day month.) Most people would quit after a week, maybe two.  That’s where the magic really starts to happen, but ONLY if you put in the work to get it right first!

If you are currently generating sales online (even if just a handful of sales a month), I guarantee there are things you can do to get more sales (probably for less money.) Much like the magical penny after a couple weeks, after you hit a certain point of efficiency – revenues don’t just incrementally increase…

They multiply.


The key is making sure you’re working with the most efficient model possible.

Although I don’t have a magical penny worth $10.7 million dollars, I do have this:

  • 20 years of profitable online marketing experience and dozens of happy past clients.
  • The ability to give you an AdWords account that IMMEDIATELY becomes more profitable for you (no matter how “unfinished” your website is.)
  • A price that is less than what Google paid me to write books for them.
  • A no questions asked money back guarantee backed by Paypal. (Which, by the way – no client has ever asked for.)

There are about 36 hours left to sign up:

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