“Joel took over management of our AdWords account which was previously being handled internally.  Within a week he cut daily expenses in half and doubled sales. Within 3 months, Joel increased [AdWords] sales by 25x.”
Andreas Kielczynski – RA Cycles

“Joel gets this stuff. He knows the “ins and outs”. I got into Adwords at first but with three dozen other business tasks, the opportunity cost of staying on top of AdWords was too great. Joel got us 10x return on our keyword word usage. I like that kind of return! You?”
Jeff Scott – Flashflight.

“Working with Joel, I increased sales and cut my advertising expenses by over 35%. If you’re running an AdWords account, a simple 30 minute conversation with him could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars”
Brent Doane – Consultant

“I’ve been trusting Joel with my PPC campaigns for a long time and have always been impressed with his high level of attention to detail and ensuring that I was only focused on terms that are driving leads and revenue.”
Jerry West

“Joel’s in-depth knowledge of PPC and Google AdWords is directly responsible for the vast majority of the traffic which keeps our website thriving. As a web consultant and web application programmer, I recommend him to all of my clients for their pay-per-click needs. Over the better part of the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of watching Joel amass a deep and intricate knowledge of PPC techniques. With Joel, your advertising budget is in very sure hands.”
Tyson Nunemacher


“As the owner of an online marketing firm, I’ve worked with lots of marketers who claim to know pay per click marketing, but very few have Joel’s expertise and experience . His techniques for finding copious amounts of keywords that drive targeted traffic and conversions is unparalleled. Highly recommended.”
Bryan Phillips

“For the large companies I work with on SEO, where they also need assistance in PPC, I always hook them up with Joel and this has been a tremendous success for the client in every case.  Given the depth of Joel’s expertise and the precision he brings to CPC, I feel it’s pretty certain that you will get a very healthy return on his advice and services.” – Leslie Rohde


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